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Welcome to our source of essential System 6 and System 7 Mac software. This is not an exhaustive abandonware archive, please refer to Macintosh Garden or Macintosh Repository if you're looking for specfic titles.

Everything is compressed as gzipped tar files*. Every file contains a disk image in .image, .dsk or .img format, perfect copies of the original disks which should be compatible with your Floppy Emu, DiskCopy or an emulator such as Mini vMac or Basilisk II.

Files are scanned with Agax, Disinfectant and SAM 1.5 to ensure they are virus free.

* I realise .tar.gz files are not accessible for everyone. I am working on providing files in a more compatible .Sit format instead - bear with me while I make this transition. Thank you.

NEW: Stuffit Expander files are offered as raw disk image files, so you don't need any compression application to uncompress them. Drop straight into an emulator, Disk Copy or your Floppy Emu to use them.

Macintosh System Software

Essentials for System 6 and 7

Archiving/Compression Utilities

Essentials for System 7 and later only

  • Agax 1.3.2 - Detects SevenDust (666/MDEF9806), CODE9811, Autostart (Hong Kong worm) viruses
Archiving/Compression Utilities



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