Macintosh SE/30 General Description

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Article Created: 18 January 1989

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This article describes the Macintosh SE/30.


The Macintosh SE/30 follows the same user-friendly philosophy as the original Macintosh, while providing more memory, faster performance, and greater expandability. The Macintosh SE/30 provides all the power of the Macintosh IIx, except NuBus, within a smaller footprint.

The Macintosh SE/30 was designed for users who demand both peak performance and transportability. It extends the family by improving performance and maintaining compact design. The Macintosh SE/30 offers three to four times the computational power of the Macintosh SE and demonstrates Apple's commitment to refining the original Macintosh design.

The Macintosh SE/30 contains the following:

  • MC68030 processor running at 15.6672 MHz
  • MC68882 floating point co-processor
  • Apple SuperDrive (formerly Apple FDHD) 1.4MB, only one internal floppy drive supported
  • Internal 50-pin SCSI connector for a 3.5-inch hard disk
  • Apple Sound Chip stereo output support through the rear audio port
  • 030 Direct Slot for third-party expansion products
  • ROMM SIMM using the same ROMs as the Macintosh IIx
  • Same power supply, video board, and CRT as the Macintosh SE

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