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Mac Hut is a free resource for anyone that needs Macintosh abandonware. Abandonware is software that has been abandoned by its original author and is no longer supported or sold.

Mac Hut is only interested in the preservation of software for historical purposes, we are not here for commercial reasons.

A little bit of Mac Hut history

I started using Macintosh computers in 1996. My first computer was a Macintosh SE that my father handed down to me. I have collected them since ~2003. My current collection, as of 12th January 2021, includes 18 machines spanning the early 68K to mid PPC era.

I originally started the Mac Hut archive in 19th April 2005. It went offline in 2007, and returned in February 2009. A friend helped with hosting and shortly after it returned, I created an IRC channel, a Gopher server and a public FTP server. It wasn't long before there were several mirrors. Unfortunately, the server I relied on was unstable and by 2011 or so, Mac Hut was offline again and I didn't ressurect it until 2020.

Unfortunately, the original archive which at one time was as large as 50GB (but mostly offline) was not kept. I would like to say I'm not as foolish now, and any new archival efforts will be performed with more care and attention paid to longevity.

How does it work?

Mac Hut aims to offer abandonware you might not find elsewhere. If I find something useful/important to archive, usually it's from a website that was archived in the Wayback Machine, or just from a hidden corner of the Internet.

Once I've found some useful software to add to this site, I use the following procedure to prepare the file for uploading to Mac Hut.

To cut a long story short, this involves using Basislisk II, which is where I do all the anti-virus checks, archiving/compression using Stuffit 1.5.1 and BinHex 4.0.

Most importantly, everything is checked - not just for viruses but also for compatibility. I mount disk images using Disk Copy 6.3.1 and also in different emulators to check everything is as usable as possible.

Get in touch

Replies may not be quick, but email machut@pm.me with requests or comments. Sorry, I cannot provide software or technical support.