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Classic Mac Usage

What are some ways that I can use my Classic Mac? - You can use your Classic Mac in many different ways, and if you have a color Classic Mac, you can use it for many more things. Here are a few examples as to what you could use one for and links to a section of this site which would get you on your way to doing it:

  1. A word processor (Software)
  2. An image editor (Software)
  3. A web browser (Internet)
  4. A web server (Internet)
  5. An e-mail editor (Internet)
  6. An e-mail server (Internet)
  7. A file conversion machine (for transfering files from Mac to PC)
  8. An FTP server (Internet)
  9. A FileServer (Network)
  10. A print server (Network)
  11. A sound editor (Software)
  12. A multimedia creation machine
  13. A CD-ROM burner & copier
  14. A gaming machine (Software)
  15. A programming machine
  16. A video production machine
  17. A fish tank (if your Classic Mac no longer works)
  18. Anything else you want it to be!