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 and featured in Mac Today!
Classic Mac award from Mac in Europe!
Our pictures, information and System Software featured on Since 1998:
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Bronze award fro 1984-online
Resource for Old System Software on since 1998:
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The iMac Best 5 winner award
a Cool Apple of the day on September 16, 1998.
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The Mac 512 User Group has been featured in...
MacWorld, December 2000 issue in their Mac 911 Help Section!

Thanks goes to Jacob for The Classic Mac Resource Excellence Award!! (my first award)
Thanks goes to Paul from 1984-online for the 1984 Bronze Award!!
Thanks goes to Mac Today Magazine for being in their MacWebWatch
Thanks goes to Mac in Europe for the 1999 best Macintosh links award!
Thanks goes to Macworld Magazine for being in their Mac 911 help section!!

The above awards means a lot to me. It tells me that my web site is making a difference. I have received numerous e-mail messages from people letting me know that The Mac 512 has helped them. Thanks to all of you!! I'm glad you have not forgotten about these ole' beige computers... G.