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Classic Application Download Section
My take on old software being available for downloading:

I believe in the preservation of old computer software. Where no one makes a profit from them. They are available for keeping old computers from being in the trash heap. We know in this age of recycling, re-use not refuse! I think this will help future generations understand the computer beginnings.

In the light of things, Apple Computer Inc. decided in 2001 that Macintosh User Groups cannot distribute System Software versions anymore. There is no real purpose for The Mac 512 User Group t continue if you, the Macintosh computer user, cannot obtain System Software. We have been asked many times by computer users like youself and had to turn them away.

There are several international (outside of the U.S.A borders) which have taken the disk images from The Mac 512 and The Mac 512 User Group. Apple Computer, Inc. cannot do anything these web sites so I will find them and link to the web site in the future.

This decision by Apple Computer, Inc. saddens me as some people who use Macintoshes today found out about them from buying an older Mac for $5.00 and saw the light after using one. Apple Computer, Inc. does not agree with me on this issue. There is nothing else I can do. Sorry!

Thank you!

**** Plus 99% of the Classic Applications found on this site, made available on the net for Older Macs was originally downloaded from this site! We are proud of providing these to the Internet to keep your older Macs working!

An example of Apple's Policy for distributing the old applications is found at

The policy states, "People who have older Macintosh computers and/or prefer not to upgrade their software can contact a local users group for replacement disks for some of these versions. To find a local user group, call Apple's User Group Connection at 800-538-9696."

Please don't hurt and violate this by offering these Classic Applications on your web site. The only outcome can be Apple deciding to eliminate older System Software from any distribution anywhere. Thank you!

 Note: All files have been virus checked by Symantec's Mac virus scanner and are virus free when I loaded them to the Internet. Download them at your own risk, viruses can come from multiple places. Please scan all files you download before using them.

These are the 'raw' apps:

•MacWrite Version 1.0    45K
works with System 6.0.x and under
Version 1.6 45K
Works with System 6.0.x and under
Version 2.20 42K
Works with System 6.0.x and under
Version 5.0 205K
works with System 5.0 - System 7.x

•MacPaint Version 1.0    45K
works with System 6.0.x and under
Version 1.5 42K
works with System 6.0.x -System 7.x

•MacDraw Version 0.9    58K
works with System 6.0.x and under
Version 1.7    69K
works with System 6.0.x -System 7.x

•MacTerminal  Version 1.1    70K
(works with System 6.0.x and under)

•MacProject     Version 1.0   69K
(works with System 6.0.x and under)

•Switcher Construction Kit   Version (1986 release)   24K
(works with System 6.0.x and under)

What is System - Why is there no Mac OS listed above - System version and Mac OS version is the same thing so System 9.0 = Mac OS 9.0, System 6 = Mac OS 6. System was changed to Mac OS in version 7.6.1, so no versions of Mac OS 1 - Mac OS 7.6 exists. I hope this helps clarify what is System?

Other apps:

To be honest, I would love to post everything I have gotten my hands on to. To only problem is determining who owns the software license, ans who can I get permission from. If Company XYZ or the person who owns Software Application ABC would send me proof that it is okay to make available their software I will do it! Without knowing I leave myself open for a possible Software Piracy audit.

Any web site does if they don't obtain permission first. The idea of post the software now and deal with the consquesnces in not acceptable.

So if you don't see an older Macintosh application available on this web site, it means I don't have the permission from the person or company who owns it. Thank you!

SPA This link is placed here in good faith, I do not support piracy.
Supporting in the preservation of old computers and software should not be taken as piracy.

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