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Macintosh Test Drive

In 1984, Apple had a marketing campaign which allowed someone to take home a Macintosh and software. This "test drive" included three disks which allowed them to use some popular applications. Unfortunately this campaign failed as the majority of people returned the Macintosh instead of falling in love with it. However this was a bold move on Apple's part, and a unique one at that.

To make a usable disk:
• Download the System version.
• Download Disk Copy 4.2
• If your browser doesn't automatically convert the .hqx file to an application you might need Stuff Expander.
• Drag the file to Aladdin's Stuffit Expander. This will create the compressed executable (.sea).
• Double click on the .sea to expand the file.
• Double click on the extracted disk image to launch Disk Copy & have it read in the disk image.
• Click on the "Make a copy" button and insert the disk to erase and create.
All done!

All disk images are in Apple's Disk Copy 4.2 format. Get it at (32K)
Stuffit Expander get it at

There were:
• MacWrite / MacPaint Test Drive
• Microsoft Multiplan / Microsoft Chart Test Drive
• MacProject / Microsoft Multiplan Test Drive

Get all three Test Drives (3 400k disks, 951K d/l)

The above test drives are working copies of the listed software. They will not allow you to save any documents.

Here is a picture of the Test Drive disks-
These lower disks are the original Macintosh disks.

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