Macintosh SE to SE/30 Upgrade: Drive Issues

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Article Created: 6 December 1989
Article Last Reviewed: 23 August 1991
Article Last Updated: 23 August 1991


I have a Macintosh SE with two floppy drives. Can I upgrade to a Macintosh SE/30 with one Apple SuperDrive (formerly Apple FDHD) and one 800K floppy drive?


It is not possible to upgrade a Macintosh SE with two floppy drives to a Macintosh SE/30 with one SuperDrive and one 800K floppy drive. This is because the Macintosh SE/30 logic board has only one internal floppy-drive connector. When upgrading a dual floppy drive Macintosh SE, you must remove one of the internal floppy drives.

It is possible to upgrade to the SuperDrive without also upgrading to the Macintosh SE/30 logic board. In this case it would be possible to retain both floppy drives.

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