Mac Hut 6.0.8 Recovery Toolkit

Floppy Version 1.0.0

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Date: 16 Jan 2021

Mac Hut System 6.0.8 Recovery Floppy Disk


Download 1.44MB floppy image file

We have also created a 32MB hard disk image version of this collection, which is of course more expansive.


Mac Hut System 6.0.8 Recovery Toolkit Floppy Edition (catchy name) is a collection of utilities for diagnosing and repairing Macintosh systems running System 6 directly from a bootable 1.44 MB floppy disk. It is ideally used with a FloppyEmu that can mount a Floppy Image file as a mounted disk on the host system (more about that below).

I cannot provide support, and this is strictly provided on an as-is basis without warranty. However, if you have basic questions, please feel free to email

Using it

First of all, this image uses System 6.0.8, so it most suitable for machines which can boot 6.0.8 - the exception to the list on that page being the Classic II, LC, LC II and PowerBook 100 which use 6.0.8L instead.

Drop into Mini vMac or set as a volume in Basilisk II GUI to boot an emulator using this disk image.

Or, drop it onto an SD card for your FloppyEmu.

More Info

This disk image has been tested with Mini vMac (Plus) and Mini vMac emulating a Macintosh II, and Basilisk II emulating a 68040.

Please Note: This disk image is not yet tested with real hardware.

As with everything from Mac Hut, the contents of the disk image were scanned with Agax, SAM 3.5 and Disinfectant.

Version history

  • Version 1.0.0 - Initial release - 16 Jan 2021


  • System 6.0.8 - Minimal Fonts and unnecesary DAs removed. Only Control Panel, Monaco 9, Chicago 12, Geneva 9, Geneva 12. All others removed.
  • TeachText
  • SCSIProbe 3.5
  • HFS 1st Aid
  • Disk Copy 4.2
  • Disinfectant 1.2
  • Disk First Aid 7.2
  • Disk Rejuvenator
  • RamDisk+ 2.01
  • Lido 7.5.6 - Color icons and About box images removed to save disk space
  • SetupPartitions
  • HD SC Setup 7.5.3 (patched)
  • System Picker