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eWorld was Apple Computer, Inc.'s public gateway to information sharing. Started in 1993, eWorld was the portal for anyone who owned a Macintosh and wanted to share information, chat or send e-mail to other Macintosh owners. eWorld was a closed system, as the Internet was nowhere in sight to open it's doors like it is today.

Here is an example of the opening screen.

The STAAC Group did the prototyping of a version of eWorld. Learn more here.

The e-mail screen. Anyone in eWorld's system could send/receive electronic mail.

Apples Customer Center (in the Software area).

Here is a downloadable version (752K) of the eWorld Tour.

On July 14, 1995,Apple Computer, Inc. included access to the Information Superhighway by bringing easy Internet World Wide Web (WWW) access to eWorld. The new area was called "Web City".

Apple has moved their Web City picture. We will link to it when and if we find it again.

March 31,1996, eWorld closed its doors forever. eWorld had 147,500 subscribers at that time. E-mail messages were forwarded for subscribers until July 1, 1996.

Here is more information on eWorld.

Hear the eWorld theme. (404K)

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