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Some of these links are to the Info-Mac HyperArchive. If you have problems downloading files from this site, you could try one of its mirrors.

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Recent releases:

Software by category:


ScriptServices™: Internet Config Access, Table Server, TeaCuP.

Scriptable applications: ClipStation, Fix Icons, GX Desk Pattern, SimpleView, Skin Deep, Tumbler.

Scripting additions: Application Menu, Date Calculations, EightyLister, Sound Input Control.

Scripts: (none).

Other scripting: AppleEvent Utilities, ScriptKey.

Finder-related: Fix Icons.

Frivolous stuff:
16-Bit Beeps, GX Desk Pattern, A Tour of Hamilton Gardens.

Help Lock.

Collections of externals (XFCNs and XCMDs): AppleEvent Utilities, Digital Signature Utilities, File/Resource/Miscellaneous Utilities, GX Utilities, NewPicker, QuickDraw Utilities, QuickTime Utilities, Script Manager Utilities, Sound Utilities, Speech Utilities, Update Monitor, Many of these offer quite low-level functions. To make full use of them, you have to read the appropriate volumes of Inside Macintosh programmer documentation.

Stacks: GX Font Display, Movie Conversion, A Tour of Hamilton Gardens, WindowsMenu, XMover.

Internet Config Access, NewPicker, TeaCuP.

Colour Collector, Path to Clip.

Interlace Smoother.

Digital Signature Utilities.

MPW tools: ComponentGlue, ComponentTools, FinderWindow, FindFolder, FindSymbol, MenuStuff, SplitPath, VolDrive.

Source libraries: LDOLib, MyModLib.

Program source: ComponentGlue, ComponentTools, DragShape, FindSymbol, Internet Config Access, MenuStuff, TeaCuP, Tumbler.

ClipStation, CWFix, Duplex Helper, GX Desk Pattern, GX Font Display, GX Utilities, Old Printing, SimpleView, Tumbler.

Movie Conversion, QuickDraw Utilities, QuickTime Utilities.

Scientific: Skin Deep.

Sound Input Control, Sound Utilities, Speech Utilities.

The full list:

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