This page was archived in 2023 as part of the Mac Hut archive and is no longer updated.

Most of the site pages were last updated around 2003-2004, as such various information may be out of date. The forum and equipment for sale sections have not been archived.

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The following is the most current list I have. These links are just close enough to where the software can be found so that you could browse around at the other sites If you wish. I did this because you may find other interesting things to down load not listed here. Also, there may be a more current version than what's listed here. Look for updated additions for OS 7.6.x and OS 8.x

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Drive Setup - latest release on Apples web site for Apples disk driver utility.

DiskTools Floppy OS 8.1 - here is the latest DiskTools for PPC computers. This allows you to boot your 6400 to this floppy disk. You won't have CD support while booted to this floppy though :(

Geoport Shutdown v1.0.2 - reclaims memory taken by the geo modem

Geoport / Telecom v3.1.3 - speeds up geoport modems to 33.6 on certain systems. OS 8.5

ResEdit 2.1.3 - Apple's Resource editor. Allows you to change certain parameters of files and applications. Be warned, you can do serious damage to your software if you don't know what your doing. Always work on a copy of the file/app so you don't accidentally ruin the original.

Old Apple software updates and utilities - I found a link recently to Apples archives and thought some of you might be interested in it :) There are all kinds of old goodies to be found there!

Looking for old Apple OS install CD's?: I found a site that sells all of the old Apple OS installer CD's.

They even sell CD's with all the Apple OS updates for people that don't have high speed internet connections to download them and they sell all the Apple Tech manuals! I'm not sure if these are the true Apple Take Apart manuals but it sure sounds like it.

OEM OS 9.1 installer CD that works on our Macs: Speaking of OS install CD's, many of you know that not every OS installer CD will work on a 6400/6500. There are some OEM full install CD's that just refuse to install the OS on our Macs. The installers bought from a store are usually universal and will work on any Mac that the OS runs on but OEM installers typically only work on the Mac they came with. DStick found an OEM CD for OS 9.1 that he says worked on his 6360. Thanks DStick!

[I recently found an iMac software install disc that will install 9.1 on a 603e processor machine. I purchased it from Other World Computing. The disc I have is solid gray in color,says iMac Software Install, Mac OS version 9.1, CD version 1.3, number 691-3097-A, copyright 2001. I was skeptical when I bought it, but their web site said it would work on any PowerMac shipped with a G3 processor or upgraded to a G3. I have a 6360 with a Newer Tech G3 upgrade]

Here is a link to this product. It probably won't be around for long!

The link has a picture of the CD and the serial number on the CD does not match the serial number DStick mentioned but the description for the product says it will work with a 6400/6500.

Third Party

6400 Icon - here is an icon that D.Semaya found and touched up to resemble our 6400's. Thanks

Aaron - makes the finder resemble the new OS 8.0 interface, OS 7.6.1

Aaron Light - makes Apps under OS 8.0 look like OS 8.0 the same as Aaron 1.6.1 did for OS 7.x.x, OS 8.1

Ambrosia Games - this company sells many shareware games and they also just released a game making application to help speed up the process. Very interesting :)

Audio recording software - I found this site the other day that has a simple audio recording app called Coaster for download. Its free so go ahead and give it a try :)

Finderpop - allows activation of contextual menus in OS 8.0 without using the Control Key, also adds many more features to the contextual menus.OS 9

G3 Throttle control strip - Here is a shareware app I found that may help stability issues for Sonnets L2 G3 cards and maybe some Vimage issues with Avid cards? It allows you to slow the G3 down by adding CPU wait states. The CPU actually doesn't slow down but it makes the CPU wait a period of time before working on new instructions. Anyways its supposed to help with timing issues caused by to fast a CPU. I'm thinking it may help with Geo modem issues by making the CPU wait for other subsystems to catch up. Its hard for me to test it as I don't have any issues with my geo modem but if any of you try it please let me know if it works. Its been updated for G4 and OS 9 compatibility. OS 9

InformInit - info on most of the current system extensions and contol panels. very useful. updated to OS 8.1

Serial Speed 230 - speeds up DMA compatible ports to there peak performance, OS 8.1

TechTool Lite - lets you zap PRAM and rebuild the desktop with ease, OS 9

USB Overdrive - This is a shareware control panel that allows you to set up virtually any USB mouse or joystick to work on any Mac equiped with USB ports. I used it with Logitechs Wheel Mouse and it works great. Not only does it let me configure all the buttons and wheel but it also allows me to make different setups for all my programs and games! Very nice. Thought you guys might be interested in it :)

Mac Driver Museum - Alec sent me a link to the Mac Driver Museum which has many drivers for older Mac equipment. Thanks Alec. - A web site that has other Mac downloads. Utilities, Games, Extensions, Control Panels, etc.

Version Tracker - A web site that keeps track of the latest releases for Mac software. It also provides links to the newer versions.

Bug Fixes for the 6400

5400 / 6400 New Disk Tools disk - Apple has released a new version of their Disk Tools for the 5400 / 6400 systems as Apple says the one that came with the computer can not be used as a startup disk. I have the Disk Tools image located on my siye as well in case Apples link stops working.

6360-64xx-54xx Update - This corrects problems that may occur with external SCSI devices and adds support for additional Ethernet network protocols. The update has been rolled into Mac OS 7.6 and Mac OS 8. If you are running either of these systems, you do not need to install the update. Some people say though that it still helps even in OS 9!

L2 Cache reset extension - Apple has released a fix that reenables the cache for users of Alcheme logic boards and OS 7.6.1 installed. This includes Apple's Performa 54xx and 64xx lines, Power Computing's Power Base line, and I think Umax's C500 line.

Ram Disk Shutdown Fix - Adam Wunn has made a fix program for the Ram Disk shutdown problems people have been having with OS 7.6.1 and a Ram Disk active at shutdown. it will alter the 7.6.1 system file so if you want to try it I would make a backup of this file first.

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