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Macintosh Color Classic
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G4 Upgrade
Codename: Penguin

Why Penguin?

There is evidence that penguins used Macintoshes before that "linux" motto thing came up. In fact, the picture below proves that 9 out of 10 penguins prefer Macintosh over anything else. Don't ask me how this picture proves it, I don't know. The penguin below is not talking...

Seriously, besides a fascination with penguins. I see the Color Classic's platinum color being almost white. The G4 was originally associated with the blackish graphite color of the first G4 towers.

So - take the G4's black and the Color Classic's white and you have penguin colors!

(In the picture above the gold and red are just there and not normally referred to. In fact, the above penguin is an Emperor penguin. Here is some information web sites on these cool birds.)

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