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What type of monitor can I use??

I am using a Pisces MPR II POS monitor made by Emax. The specs are: supports resolutions from 640x480 to 800x600. This monitor has an IBM-style 15-pin display connector. Model number is DM-10. Internal tube is a Sony Trinitron #M23JVK16X.

Flat Panel LCD display - I want to start out by saying "Thanks" for everyone's help with finding a place to get one from.

  • Daryl suggested I look at to find a 10" LCD color monitor.
  • Joerg suggested I look at, He often saw these 640x480 LCD monitors at these German auctions.
Here is the Pisces MPR II POS monitor in it's original case. It retailed (from what I am told) at $600.00.

The photo is copyright by the place I purchased my monitor from.

Views of the 10" SVGA monitor mounted, under cage mounted and the cube parts in.

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