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Featured Links:

Classic Mac Web Page - A new site devoted to the classic macs.

AirMouse's Classic Mac Workshop - A new, fresh Classic Mac web site.

R's Mac Site - A new site with a focus on HyperCard!

Mac in Europe - A cool site from overseas devoted to Macs!

MacDirectory - The First and Only Macintosh Search Engine

Resources for the Older Macintosh - Many places to visit to get info and other stuff for your Mac.

System 1.0 Page - A page which gives info about System 1.0 as good as The Mac 512's page!

The Computer Museum - This museum is ran by a hacker (not the destructive kind). Covers more than just Macs.

The Apple Museum - a site dedicated to cataloguing the history of Apple computer's people and products. Includes early System Software courtesy of The Mac 512 :)

MacKiDo - (History, Computers, MacSightings)

Jag's House - A weird little oasis on the web. Download my Subgenius music, Mac shareware, other assorted waste of bandwidth.

Low End Mac - A great place to catch up on the older Macs next to The Mac 512. ;).

Mac to the Future - "Find out why the Mac is still the best computer out there"

Mac Antiques - A Classic Mac page with good stories.

Apple Lisa Web Page - A redesigned site which focuses on the Lisa.

Classic Macs - A page devoted to everything classic.

Want to find something "MACINTOSH" - An answer to anything Macintosh, Moof sez..., "Check this Out!"

AppleLinks- Search their fantastic site for more Classic Mac links.

Herb's Stuff - Old Classic Macintoshes for sale from time to time.

Mac Hardware site - Weekly features, bulletin board, chat room, free Mac-theme web-cards, and more.


Other links

iMac links - They have a place too.

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