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Disk images are virus scanned using Agax, Disinfectant and SAM. Links to larger files (e.g. CD ISOs) will direct you to the Internet Archive.

Last updated: 23 Jan 2022

Macintosh System Software

Pre System 6

System 6

System 7

Mac OS 8

Mac OS 9

Bootable Hard Disk Images (does not have a boot partition)

Bootable Floppy Disk Images

Bootable CD Images

  • Apple Legacy Recovery CD (680MB ISO Image - Bootable System 7.6.1, works on 68K and PPC Macs, contains system installers, disk recovery tools, Apple software and more)

MacTest Pro

Apple Service Source

Essentials for System 6 and 7





Archiving/Compression Utilities

Essentials for System 7 and later only

  • Agax 1.3.2 - Detects SevenDust (666/MDEF9806), CODE9811, Autostart (Hong Kong worm) viruses

Archiving/Compression Utilities


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