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Welcome to

the System 6 Heaven

System 6 will make any vintage Macintosh computer as fast as a modern Mac.
It's more stable than system 7.x and provides almost instant booting.
It was way ahead of its time and can do far more than most people know.
It needs very little memory and takes up a small amount of hard disk space.
It's more elegant and user-friendly than any other operating system ever made.
It is more inspiring for creative people than any other operating system ever made.
It's nicer and easier to work with than any other operating system ever made.


Why System 6?

What I can and cannot do with System 6

Tips, Tricks and interesting stuff to download

Old Macs in an OS X environment

The Euro and Older Macs

Floppy Driven Macs

Main Download Area

System 6 Around the World - A Gallery of Screenshots

System 6 Development

System 6 mailing list

System 6 compatible hardware

Vintage word processors

Dealing with DOS and Windows

Happy Users

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