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6400/6500 Take Apart Manual

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This site contains my version of Apples 6400 Take Apart manual. No part of this manual was actually taken from Apples so don't blame them for wrong info posted :) This manual is being provided as an aid for anyone wanting to take their 6400/6500 apart. Use this manual at your own risk as I or the 6400 Zone will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your Mac. Now with that said lets get started!

I don't have all of Apples manual broken down yet but I do have the major sections needed for about 90% of the work most people will ever do to their 6400's. I will get the rest done as I find time to work on it.

Many of the 6400/6500 components can be purchased from Sun Remarketing:

They have a very large selection of Mac parts. They are more expensive then other places but they should have just about every piece you may need. I have placed links to other companies in various sections of my manual that have certain parts at much cheaper prices, so check them out before going here.

Another 6400 site devoted to helping you take apart your system: Rav sent me a letter to inform me of his new site called 640Open that has some nice info on taking your 6400 apart. He also has some very good instructions on hooking up a DSL modem. Thanks Rav.


Before we begin there are a few things you need to get. Here is a list of tools you may need to perform certain tasks.

Now find yourself a good place to work. A solid table is best but the ground works just fine. Once you find your spot gather all the things you need because you don't want to move after you've started. Walking around causes static to build on your body and you don't want to zap your Mac! If your lucky enough to have a grounding strap, USE IT! With all your components unpluged but before you remove the power cord, just touch the PCI card area to ground any static that may be on your body.

Now remove power and you're ready to begin. Click on one of the below links for instructions on how to remove that part or to get more information on that item. Have fun!

| Front and top cover removal | Left side cover removal | Mother Board removal |

6400 front view links

6400 rear view links


Surprise! Yep this is me. I thought it was about time I posted a picture of myself. Its not my best picture but it lets you see who the guy on the other side of this site is :) The 6400 pictured is my 6400/180 that had Sonnets L2 G3 in it. This was the 6400 used to make all those photos for my Take Apart manual.

By the way, that's not a pony tail in the back, its just some ceramic stuff on the dresser behind me :)

Here is a picture of our power user system!

Here is a list of stuff attached from left to right:

Unseen items include:

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