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THIS IS the page for people who like to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, and the last ounce of performance from their ancient Macintosh SE, a late-80s machine with Motorola's 68000 CPU and a 9 inch black and white screen.

All the pages here were originally produced on my 1988-vintage SE, upgraded from the original one megabyte of RAM to a luxurious four megabytes. It has a 25 mhz Radius 68020 accelerator and Two Page Display, 100 megabyte external hard disk and 20 megabyte internal, and for back-ups a SyQuest 44 meg removable. It prints to an ImageWriter II and connects to the net with a blisteringly-slow MultiTech 9600 fax/modem. The whole set-up, including a Umax UG80 mono scanner, was bought second-hand and cost peanuts.

It would be nice to have the latest iMac or Mac Pro, but if you're a charity/non-profit organisation, if you're broke, or just plain cheap, it's amazing what you can get away with using this 'obsolete' computer. These pages are here to help you stretch your SE's capacity to the limit, with information about the software and hardware that will enhance its speed and usefulness. Quark Xpress 3.x, PhotoShop 2.x, and a host of first-class utilities and shareware work fine on the SE - so dust it down and plug it in now.

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