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Welcome to the Classic Mac Workshop, this is a place where you can find information and resources for your various Classic Macs! I provide free e-mail support through this site, so feel free to Contact me for any reason. If you have questions, why don't you stop by the FAQ and browse through it to see if they are answered there then contact me if they aren't or if you would like a bit of clarification.

Important News
MAJOR DELAYS: I am currently facing many issues which are causing substantial delays in my e-mail responses, read the news for more detailed information.
Abandonware Petition: A new petition has been started which aims to convince software companies to release their older, unsupported, software which can no longer be purchased, as freeware. Go to and click on "abandonware petition", read it, then if you agree with it you can sign it.

The Classic Server Project: A web site hosted off of a Macintosh Classic, it's only up for a couple hours a month so make sure you check it out!

July: Saturday the 21st - 9:00 PM to 1AM (Eastern)
Check here for more information and the link to the server.

Looking For More News? Check the News page.


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